5 Best Team Organization Software to Manage Your Remote Workforce in 2022

Emily Brown December 6, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the business world by force. A lot of companies and employees had to relocate, downsize, and mend their business operations. Because of this modification, there was an increasing demand for Team Organization software. Team Organizing software is an integrated suite of tools that allows businesses and employees to effectively collaborate, coordinate, communicate, and manage a group of employees by providing access to necessary features and tools. The software is also beneficial in enhancing business productivity, quality of products & services, and efficiency.

The key features of an effective team organization software are as follows:
  • Customized templates, designs, and workflows
  • Real-time coordination
  • Improved resource management and budget allocation
  • Analyze team performance and projects from different angles
  • Issue tracking, time management, meeting management, Gantt charts, etc.

An effective team organization software is instrumental in ensuring smooth business continuity, simplifies larger projects, keeps the remote and local teams in loop, and allows the management to manage projects & employee activities from a central platform.

Top Team Organizing Software to Manage Local Teams:


Scoro is an end-to-end business management software that is designed to simplify business operations and manage remote, local, and hybrid teams. It is loaded with intelligent and powerful features such as filters, tags, and configurable statuses, which makes it easy for managers to manage the whole project portfolio. Tools like tasks, time tracker, time entries, etc., helps employees to list projects according to the priorities, statuses, and deadlines.


Toggle software features like background tracking, one-click timers, calendar integrations, auto tracker, etc., are a delight for managers. They can conveniently integrate crucial data with third parties like Google Calendar, Outlook, and others web & mobile applications. Employees can add their billable rates and perform time audits daily, weekly, or yearly. Toggl tools also project forecasts and analysis for better decision-making.

Next on the list is one of the most reliable Team Organization software: centrally allows managers to keep tabs on project status’, employee activities, and more. Its interactive dashboard and remote assistance tools are ideal for the timely completion of projects, time tracking, issue tracking, and online task management for all types of businesses. allows remote teams to access office files and applications from anywhere effortlessly.


Hubstaff is another very powerful suite of tools and features that facilitate uninterrupted team organization and management. Its features include detailed reporting, online invoicing, online timesheets, project budgeting, geofencing, and so much more. Hubstaff helps businesses save time & resources, boost productivity, and enable managers to analyze the employee status at a particular project.


Flow is an all-in-one tool that helps you coordinate all of your team’s work. It combines your tasks, projects, timelines, files, and conversations and integrates with your favorite tools to help you achieve more together. Flow is available on the web, desktop, iOS, and android. It has a very intuitive user interface this is easy to use and navigate.
Final Thoughts

Since most of the workforce over the globe is working remotely, team organization software can be a game-changing platform for businesses to manage the hybrid workforce and link-local teams and remote teams together. It can improve employee productivity, enhance security, and ensure business continuity.

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