Asana is a productivity tool that allows you to work on projects in a team environment, where tasks and deadlines can be created for each project. You are able to assign different people tasks for these projects without necessarily needing to communicate with each person.
  • Keeps track of the project
  • Committee Meetings
  • File Sharing
  • Simple Interface
  • Free Version
  • Sometimes it starts to work slowly for no reason.
  • There are no project templates.
  • Does not work without the Internet.
  • Communication lacks longevity
Asana has strong features that can manage your project on automation very efficiently. It is available at genuine prices and its free version is a perfect fit for vendors and small businesses. Overall, it is a very useful software.


By Laura Martinez
Laura Martinez

September 20, 2023

The foundation of our productivity efforts is now Asana. The project tracking and task management tools are simple to use and intuitive. It maintains order and communication within our workforce. Our workflow is made even more efficient by the seamless interfaces with the other technologies we use. Our project management and productivity have greatly improved thanks to Asana.

By Dale Evergood
Tom Hill

March 03, 2022

Asana’s ability to provide room for meaningful, asynchronous communication around work exactly where the work is being produced is one of my favorite features. I admire how we’ve been able to organize our operations, particularly our communication.

By Dale Evergood
Dale Evergood

January 14, 2022

We were facing difficulty in ensuring transparency in assigning deadlines and tasks to employees, which affected our productivity standards. But after getting along with Asana software, we overcame this dilemma, and resultantly the productivity standards have risen.

By Joan Arida
Joan Arida

December 07, 2021

The best part about Asana is that it is quick, reliable, scalable, and very pocket-friendly. While managing products with Asana, it allows me to share details, communicate with employees, assign due dates, and so much more in a unified platform.

By Peter Samuel
Peter Samuel

September 14, 2021

Love it!

By Johann Bodley
Johann Bodley

September 05, 2021

Asana’s productivity software has effectively handled my workload