BankPoint is a next-gen banking system that allows you to connect customers, banks and suppliers in a safe manner. It offers collaboration tools for enhanced business intelligence along with data security protocols to ensure your information remains protected.
  • Credible Data Source
  • Multiple system views
  • Strong Workflow
  • Quick Integration
  • Super Loan Portfolio
  • Missing Credit Line Data
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Slow web site
BankPoint is a bank management solution that helps financial institutions manage credit approvals, deposits, loan portfolios and more on a centralized platform. At times it becomes frustrating but overall, it is a good pick.


By Murphy Caleb
Murphy Caleb

September 15, 2023

BankPoint has changed how we do banking. We can provide our consumers with a flawless and safe banking experience thanks to its cutting-edge features. It represents banking’s future.

By Frances Allyson
Frances Allyson

February 01, 2022

I used BankPoint for a couple of years as a fund manager. It was very attentive to the need for system integration and development. The most significant advantage of Bankpoint software is that it probably used developers’ knowledge of requirements from a financial services end-user perspective. A pretty decent software, I must say.

By Linda Mays
Linda Mays

January 13, 2022

I am a fund manager at a Diamond company in Surrey. I use Bank point for managing financial docs, and managing loan portfolios. Bankpoint is a pretty helpful platform that helps me overlay core banking operations smoothly. It also has a very decent user interface that can be navigated across several platforms.

By Dan River
Dan River

November 15, 2021

Bankpoint has been quite effective for adding detailed products to our product line; we have found that BankPoint is most flexible and efficient in brainstorming how to best onboard the product.

By Robin Garrison
Robin Garrison

November 08, 2021

Sometimes the tasks built into the process can be so simple or repetitive that I am concerned that users will just check them off without thinking whether they actually did the task. I love its tech email support and supportive customer service team.

By Max Kim
Max Kim

October 14, 2021

BankPoint integrates information and data collected from several systems and delivers it to the end user through an easy to use user interface. The customer support team is professional, reliable, and helpful as well. Although the features are great but I don’t like the inability to export old data for a loan in bulk and other daily activities.

By Christian Cruz
Christian Cruz

September 18, 2021

Overall, the site is painfully slow and the design is incredibly outdated.

By Hugh Raffman
Hugh Raffman

September 14, 2021

I am facing multiple issues such as the reports page is unusable and it’s impossible to find anything of value, and changing the effective dates and filters of a report is an incredibly slow and tedious process.

By George Avery
George Avery

September 09, 2021

The BankPoint pipeline is a useful tool for managing workflow at the bank.