CEIPAL is a popular option in IT Industry. CEIPAL TalentHire is used to manage your employee life cycle from hiring to getting a work permit leading up to on the job training and managing payroll and workforce.
  • It helps you keep track of your employee profile, their payrolls, job history and market value & much more
  • Offers everything from recruitment to on the job training & performance reviews. It also offers webinars for further training and a variety of helpful databases
  • Enables remote hiring by giving companies access to hundreds of international staff. It also offers a variety of visa types for every need
  • It’s pretty expensive and requires bulk pricing if you’re hiring at scale. In addition to that, the pricing structure is not transparent & complicated with hidden charges
  • The software is not user friendly and may be difficult to maneuver for new users
CEIPAL TalentHire is a powerful tool for those looking to hire internationally and easily manage their workforce. It’s time-saving features, ease of use and vast database makes it ideal for entrepreneurs/ start-ups as well as established companies that are looking to scale quickly without having to worry about the infrastructure.


By Marnus Ken
Marnus Ken

December 06, 2021

CEIPAL’s direct transfer of profiles from job portals to the internal database makes the hiring process pretty easy. It includes a wide array of reports that helps us take care of the portal usage. For example, resume harvesting helps us use job portals, etc. Submission Reports also give a good idea about the team’s overall performance.

By Paul Cook
Paul Cook

September 18, 2021

CEIPAL’s unique tools and easy to navigate interface make it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. From start-ups to large corporations, I’ve seen it used in both and it’s effectiveness is amazing.

By Kayla Young
Kayla Young

September 08, 2021

The thing that I like about Talenthire is their ability to quickly match candidates with roles based on qualifications and experience. It’s a really cool feature.

By Jason Danforth
Jason Danforth

September 01, 2021

CEIPAL is an innovative solution that allows me to manage my workforce regardless of where they work or how flexible their schedule may be.