Clockshark is a name that is not as well-known as its competitors, but the service they provide has been proven time and time again. They offer a wide range of features that has allowed them to easily compete with larger companies. Some of this software's most notable feature are its seamless transition from mobile devices to computers, it's ability to track mileage and expenses, and the ability to generate reports. Clockshark review define it is definitely a great product, but because it has not been widely known for too long, there are limited reviews available online.
  • Track mileage and expenses
  • Generate reports
  • Seamless transition from mobile to computer
  • Notifications can be difficult to customize
  • Customer service could use improvement
  • Does not integrate with other software, as per the Clockshark reviews
Clockshark review say that it is a good product, but because it has not been around for long, there are some limits to what you can do with it. However, its features and flexibility make up for this more than enough. If you are looking for a service that will let you manage your employees’ work from your smartphone or tablet without leaving you limited to what you can do, this is definitely the service for you.


By Gina Riggi
Gina Riggi

October 22, 2021

ClockShare is a reliable, user friendly and affordable field service management software, that offers strong functions to manage core activities in my organization. I love its GPS tracking and time tracking feature, which enables me to monitor man hours completed a project. I wish there was a feature that informs me when employees talked on phone.

By Ricky W
Ricky W

October 12, 2021

Just what Clockshark reviews say it is. Time tracking and paperwork management in one fell swoop.

Michael H

October 10, 2021

I love that I can do all my work from anywhere.

By James B
James B

October 8, 2021

Good to have an app that allows me to work from my phone.