Corniche offers multi-currency accounting and banking solutions. It is capable of converting currencies, performing foreign exchange calculations, sending and receiving payments in different currencies, tracking currency balances over time, generating reports for management.
  • Phone Support
  • Cloud-based SaaS
  • Free Version
  • Online Training
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Lacks diversification of reports
  • Corniche Wallet has outdated features
  • Doesn’t support Mac OS
Corniche is best suited for financial organizations with depository accounts and private banks. It doesn’t have a free version. It facilitates online and retail banking.


By Mike Bennett
Mike Bennett

October 26, 2021

I love Megasol Corniche’s ability to handle the transaction volumes we require as a banking and finance company. However, I believe that the diversification of reports needs upgradation and reliability of payments and commissions also needs to be checked. But overall, the banking and finance software is quite intuitive.

By Benson Flow
Benson Flow

September 22, 2021

I run a finance company and I am not able to create monthly or weekly folders of client transactions, it is very difficult to keep track of periodic transactions.

By Annie Shutters
Annie Shutters

September 20, 2021

I used Corniche for a few months and I used to face technical flitches once in a while, now I have shifted to vDesk.works which is much better.

By Elsie Nobel
Elsie Nobel

September 18, 2021

I had to shift to Windows as Corniche did not work in my MacBook. iOS compatibility is a must.