Flow is one of the more popular team organization software out on the market. This program allows you to create tasks, organize your employees and even post updates about your project for everyone to see.
  • Organize your employees well
  • Easily display tasks for everyone to see
  • Create employee groups that you can assign different projects to
  • Navigation is a bit complex (but simple once you get used to it)
  • Customer support needs improvement
Flow has many been there in the business, and they have been doing a good job – for the most part. While their customer support could be better, this is still one of the best team management software available today.


By Grace Sires
Grace Sires

February 04, 2022

The Flow software supports and understands the valid purposes of knowledge of the accurate, informative relays reflected through this system, undertaking and directing continuous versions of the effectiveness of visits and display of corporate communicative values.

By Maddie Eirene
Maddie Eirene

January 04, 2022

Flow’s team organization software facilitates the straightforward incorporation of files automatically saved in the cloud. Its excellent interface consists of brilliant tools & features that allow team development. Its comfortable tools of high quality offer you handy functions that make team management pretty effective at the enterprise level.

By Emanuel Christian
Emanuel Christian

November 15, 2021

Flow contains extensive inquiries as to channels and complete arrangements of the relationship of variant interests composed according to definitions of the establishment of formulation of liaison skills and interpretative recognition of techniques and methods of intelligent visualization of digitally accepted understandable terms.

By Vanessa Hilfiger
Vanessa Hilfiger

October 19, 2021

LiquidPlanner is a tool with unique and dynamic functions that enhances and supports resource management. I like its drag & drop policy, but the software takes time to get used to the interface.

By Kyle Rodriguez
Kyle Rodriguez

October 18, 2021

Flow has alleviated the problems that I faced while managing and organizing my team of employees. With the help of Flow team organizing software, I can assign each employee different tasks according to their caliber, without having any room of confusion.

By John Stone
John Stone

September 13, 2021

Choosing Flow over nTask was our best decision. We used to have some problems with nTask, but Flow has been great. It’s easy to use and very intuitive.

By Anna Grey
Anna Grey

September 04, 2021

I’ve heard so many good things about Flow that I decided it was worth a shot. While the program is actually quite decent, it takes time getting used to the navigation system.

By Jessica Hilary
Jessica Hilary

August 27, 2021

Flow has a lot of great features that allow you to keep track of your employees’ progress and monitor their time. The program is easy to navigate once you get used to it.