GoCardless is a credit card payment gateway for business in the United Kingdom. It allows businesses to easily accept direct debit and invoice payments from their customers. This is one of the best online credit card gateways for smaller businesses in the UK, since they don't have to deal with any hardware or software integration.
  • Billing and Invoice
  • Multi-Currency
  • Payment Processing
  • Analytics
  • Payment gets stuck at times
  • No Virtual Terminal
  • Long waiting period for transaction confirmation
If your business has a subscription model, or takes recurring payments, GoCardless is simple and cost effective. I find it easy to set up and use, for my clients they only have to fill out a simple form.


By Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson

September 20, 2023

GoCardless has greatly streamlined our payment processes. The platform easily connects with our current systems, and setup was simple. For our clients, the ability to collect payments via direct debit has decreased payment friction. Additionally, the reporting and analytics capabilities make it easier for us to manage our money. I heartily endorse GoCardless for companies of all sizes.

By Alison Hofman
Alison Hofman

September 15, 2023

GoCardless is simple!It’s cost-effective, and integrates seamlessly with our platform. Highly recommended for any business looking for a reliable payment gateway.

By Keith Aurin
Keith Aurin

December 24, 2021

GoCardless is a great platform for receiving payments in foreign currencies and converting them into a local currency at very genuine costs. It sends me a notification every time I receive or send a payment, which prevents any chances of fraud. Overall, GoCardless is a terrific payment gateway platform, one thing that can be improved is its mobile application user interface.

By Thomas Gray
Thomas Gray

November 09, 2021

Having used GoCardless for 5 years now, I can confidently say I wouldn’t trust anyone else to manage payments for me. Since I switched to GoCardless, unpaid invoices and late payments have dropped to almost nothing and my customers also appreciate the ease and simplicity of paying their invoices via Direct Debit.

By Walt Linkman
Walt Linkman

October 12, 2021

GoCardless offers almost everything that I need in a payment gateway software for my business. It has a wide range of support options acquitted with multiple third-party integrations. It has been a pretty decent tool and I love the simplicity with which it can be handled.

By Hellen Maria
Hellen Maria

September 15, 2021

I used GoCardless for some time last year. Many prominent payments were getting stuck and it was giving me a hard time.

By John Berger
John Berger

September 08, 2021

GoCardless saves me heaps of time on administration work such as recurring invoices. This makes the GoCardless totally worth it.