Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media marketing software you can use to schedule, publish and monitor all your posts across multiple social networks. The platform allows you to view all the content from one dashboard with a news feed, stream and an archive of messages to track what's going on.
  • Messaging features are useful
  • It’s a great app for social media marketing
  • Easy to use, integrates with other popular tools and useful content distribution features
  • Old interface
  • Limited analytics
This social media marketing software has been around long enough to be known as one of the best solutions out there. It has a lot of features and it’s easy to use. If you’re looking for software that can do it all, Hootsuite is great buy!


By Jackeline Tran
Jackeline Tran

January 12, 2022

I like that I can see our Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn feeds all at once. I like that I can compose and schedule posts ahead of their release date. Facebook is actually restricted from use on employee computers. So using Hootsuite means I have limited access to that social media account.

By Samuel Appel
Samuel Appel

December 23, 2021

I liked how Hootsuite allows me to manage all my social media platforms in one place with ease. I saved time by scheduling posts in advance and planning my marketing ahead of schedule. Viewing already posted content and scheduled content on the same platform is brilliant.

By Shannon Peter
Shannon Peter

December 15, 2021

Hootsuite is the best social media scheduling software I have ever used. Hootsuite makes it simple to schedule Facebook and Instagram posts, tweets, and other social media updates. When scheduling, the calendar layout is a handy tool for preparing your posts days, weeks, or even months in advance.

By Astrid Chu
Astrid Chu

October 04, 2021

Hootsuite allows me to schedule social media posts and keep myself ahead of my work schedule. It has truly enhanced my social media marketing strategies.

By Simon McKeever
Simon McKeever

September 21, 2021

Managing social media accounts has become very easy with tools like Hootsuite. It has great features and the support team is very helpful.

By Christi Smarra
Christi Smarra

September 15, 2021

Hootsuite allows me to keep track of really good options for content and I can always see what’s going on in real time.

By Katelyn Liu
Katelyn Liu

September 10, 2021

Using social media management tools make my life as simple as possible. With Hootsuite, I can tweet with my account and access multiple accounts at the same time.