Hub Planner is a resource management and collaboration software application. This software also allows you to manage your employees, projects, workflows, etc., all in one place. It has a lot of features that allow for easy communication between team members as well as integration with MS Project and Outlook.
  • Auto Fills
  • Excellent visual interface
  • Works well across vast organizations
  • Calendar and Tasks
  • Simple Products
  • Can’t see all projects on one page
  • Timesheet misbehaves
  • Linking can be better with teams
We’re able to easily adjust schedules and map out dependencies for each employee with HUB Planner’s drag-and-drop feature. The timesheet needs huge improvement as it automatically reboots in the mid of process.


By Sarah-Johnson

September 25, 2023

SHub Planner has simplified resource management for our agency. The drag-and-drop interface is intuitive, making it easy to assign tasks and track team availability. The customizable reporting features have helped us gain insights into our resource utilization. The support team has been responsive, addressing any questions promptly. A must-have tool for resource planning!

By Ray Masterton
Ray Masterton

October 05, 2021

Hub Planner needs to be well organized and structured.

By Julia Truman
Julia Truman

September 09, 2021

Hub Planner needs to be well organized and structured.

By Angelo Marino
Angelo Marino

September 05, 2021

It can have more customized options.