Hub Planner is an online project management software that helps you manage and track your projects on the cloud. It is a simple tool which can be used by small businesses to organize their projects, without any hassles. It allows you to divide your project into smaller tasks along with assigning each task to a person or group of people.
  • Complete online tool
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use
  • There are no offline features available for this software
Hub Planner is an excellent solution for small businesses that need a simple tool to manage their projects, tasks and resources. It offers clean interface, easy to use features, and cloud storage.


By Thomas Pataki
Thomas Pataki

January 21, 2022

Hub Planner is a leading project scheduling software, which brings together several vital operational functionalities on a centralized platform. Hub Planner has been effective in lowering my business costs, completing work on time, boosting productivity.

By Nathalia Arida
Nathalia Arida

December 20, 2021

Me and my team switched to Hub Planner from AdClock and we are pretty contented with our decision. Hub Planner enables me to schedule and manage projects conveniently, determine costs of the project, complete projects before the deadline, and so much more.

By Jesse Bentick
Jesse Bentick

October 11, 2021

Hub Planner is a great project scheduling software that consists of visual tools, which makes it easy to plan your capacity and make quick decisions. I also admire the software’s user interface which is pretty easy to navigate.

By Jimmy Hunter
Jimmy Hunter

September 18, 2021

Hub Planner is a great tool for managing the projects of any size but especially works well for smaller projects that don’t require many resources or multiple project managers involved.

By Chris Dancy
Chris Dancy

September 08, 2021

Hub Planner is used by 37signals, if you’re familiar with them at all. This is a basic tool with one simple objective: manage projects without wasting valuable time.