Hubstaff is a team organization software that allows you to create calenders and assign tasks for the entire team. This type of project management can be perfect if your teammates are in different time zones. You can also use this program to track the hours of each member on your team, allowing you to log overtime or extra hours worked by a specific individual.
  • Perfect for teams with remote workers
  • Great way to track time worked by each member of the team
  • Useful resource hub that contains a variety of articles on distributed work and team organization
  • Iffy customer support
Hubstaff is a great program for remote teams that need to keep track of the hours each individual works. It’s easy to use and has useful articles on effective team organization. The customer service could be better though, as they seem unhelpful at times with regards to billing and subscription issues.


By karen Gillan
karen Gillan

September 19, 2023

Hubstaff has been a game-changer for our remote team. The time tracking and productivity monitoring features are excellent. It’s helped us stay organized and accountable. I can’t imagine managing our team without it!

By Shirley Bloomberg
Shirley Bloomberg

January 21, 2022

Hubstaff is a compelling suite of team organization tools for business organizations. We have used it for two years since the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Since then, I’m using it regularly in the office to manage employees working from home, and I love it because of its accessible functions. The best feature is that it can track employee time even after offline.

By Carrie Appel
Carrie Appe

December 09, 2021

The most valuable aspect of Hubstaff’s team organization software is the project costing that it allows us. It allows us to simultaneously eliminate the need for extra time at the end of the day to remember how long we worked on each assignment! This means more accurate cost calculations and zero time creating “recall” invoices for contractors.

By Virginia Ken
Virginia Ken

November 24, 2021

Hubstaff offers a fantastic and customizable, easy-to-use interface, where with just one click, you can start/stop tracking your daily project activities. I love its desktop and browser compatibilities and all the customizable tasks to suit my project needs! Overall, it is an excellent tool for organizing teams and project tasks.

By Heather Torris
Heather Torris

November 22, 2021

Hubstaff has reduced many admin works and improved productivity. We can quickly analyze every work time process and improve it for growth. You can take screenshots of what they are working on. Great for remote workers and hybrid teams to be on the same page.

By Dick Robinson
Dick Robinson

October 11, 2021

With Hubstaff’s team organizing software, my team & I were able to see when employees were working locally and when they were working remotely, which is a great advantage during the pandemic.

By Emilly

September 18, 2021

The data Hubstaff collects is very useful, as are their articles on effective team organization and remote work. As an owner of my own business, I have to say that the customer service could use some improvement.

By Ian G.
Ian G.

September 09, 2021

Hubstaff allows me to keep track of all the hours worked by everyone in my company. It makes it really easy to see when overtime is being worked and whether or not I should be reimbursing my employees for their extra hours.

By Rebecca D.
Rebecca D.

September 01, 2021

Hubstaff has a decent resource bank of articles about team organization and distributed work, but the customer support department could use a bit more training.