IDoneThis is a task management productivity software that allows you to keep track of what you do and when, as well as what your peers are doing. They also have a website so it can be accessed from any personal computer/laptop.
  • Keeps the team coordinated
  • Can use the trial for FREE!
  • Notification feature keeps the work very handy
  • Enables scheduling of work
  • Loss of Data
  • Costly
iDoneThis is able to integrate simple tools that enable us to find everything in one space. The activity Monitoring feature helps us to know the status of the project and reminds us of the timeline. Sometimes while saving, the data is lost.


By Sherlyn Hall
Sherlyn Hall

November 17, 2021

IDoneThis system has a system of notification setting of tasks for each team member, where it warns what needs to be done and the progress of it, also for me, it is vital the administration tasks for my team.

By Todd Brady 


Todd Brady

October 08, 2021

iDoneThis is a helpful productivity software whose task management tools are designed to coordinate teams & foster productivity with daily check-ins, progress tracking, and reporting.

By Sophiya Wilkins 


Sophiya Wilkins

September 20, 2021

The Free trial shows too many ads.

By Nicola Banks 


Nicola Banks

September 13, 2021

Problem in uploading data on the cloud.

By Don Costa 


Don Costa

September 03, 2021

In time tracking, the tracker stops after 5 hours and has to be restarted.

By Halim Sohal 


Halim Sohal

August 28, 2021

The description button in the ticketing system only has a limit of 2000 characters, which is too little.