Influence vs. Zoho Social? Which is a better Social Media Marketing Software in 2022?

Emily Brown January 28, 2022

Influence and Zoho Social are effective social media marketing software that allows managers to engage potential customers. Following are the pros and cons of using Influence and Zoho Social as social media marketing platforms for your business.


Top Benefits of Using Influence as a Social Media Marketing Software:

  • Influence promotes easy customization of its features and tools.
  • Influence is a light-weighted software that does not stress the server that may slow down the computer.
  • The customer response team is also quite responsive and friendly.
  • Managers can prepare insightful reports and analytics.
  • Influence can be integrated with third-party applications such as Zapier.

Cons of Influence:

  • Limited campaign types
  • Influence user interface can be termed as ‘basic.
  • The upgradation process is relatively slow. Influence gets lesser application upgrades as compared to its competitors.

Zoho Social

Critical Benefits of Zoho Social Media Marketing Software:

  • Users can operate on multiple social media networks on a centralized, single platform.
  • It helps businesses generate leads on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc.
  • It conducts successful campaign analytics as well as competitor analysis.
  • Social media managers can automate routing and prioritization and engage in customer interaction histories.
  • Convenient setup, easy installation, and easy-to-use user interface.

Cons of Zoho Social:

  • Restricts users from uploading more than one picture or video in a single post.
  • It offers numerous metrics, and other parts may seem lacking.
  • It doesn’t allow users to manage ad campaigns.
  • The dashboard can be more organized.
Bottom Line

Although both Zoho Social and Influence are competitive social media marketing software, both platforms have their pluses and minuses. Users can try the free trials of the platforms to get an idea of how the premium versions function.

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