ServiceMax is a field service management software that helps organizations to manage their entire service process by connecting employees, customers and partners.
  • Easy work order creation
  • Automatic service scheduling
  • High-end Analytics
  • Complex for beginners
  • No free trial offered
ServiceMax is a beneficial field service management software that helps an organization in managing their entire service process. This software provides data for your managers to make strategic decisions on the future, making this tool a good one to go for.


By Harold Redding
Harold Redding

September 24, 2021

I use ServiceMax for incident, logistics, and field service management. The software has helped me save time, efforts, as well as resources. I am really glad to deploy ServiceMax as a Field Service Management Software.

By Robert Perez
Robert Perez

September 22, 2021

First, set the right expectation with your customer by setting up the software to send them appointment reminders and you’ll be a hero for sure.

By Christopher Carr
Christopher Carr

September 20, 2021

ServiceMax is also very good at routing work orders and letting technicians know what’s going on in their day in real-time. Much better than handing off paperwork.

By Adam James
Lucy Gomez

September 17, 2021

ServiceMax beautifully combines appointment book, task list and field reporting into one piece of software that works with you rather then against you.