TextExpander is a simple to use tool that allows you to create typing shortcuts. Using the keyboard, allows you to type out a shortcut and use that as if it were a word or phrase. It is great for things like repetitive typing of your name, address, phone number, or when sending an e-mail back and forth to someone with similar questions.
  • Autofill Codes
  • Simple user interface
  • Shortcut words and phrases
  • Saves Time
  • Several Glitches
  • Sometimes it misunderstands the meaning of a technical sentence
I save a lot of time by using TextExpander daily. It is an amazing platform for those looking to enhance productivity and save time. The web version has several glitches but overall, it is a good software.


By Adam Ponting
Ava Madison

November 20, 2021

TextExpander really works well with sales reps fielding many of the same questions daily. I love getting the monthly report on how much time I’ve saved. Initially, I was hesitant to use this, but now I cannot imagine a day without it.

By Adam Ponting
Adam Ponting

October 01, 2021

TextExpander is a reliable tool that allows me to add snippets between programs which helps me to speed up the daily process. It is one of my favorite productivity software. And the user interface of the tool is also quite commendable.

By John Haynes
John Haynes

September 22, 2021

Very handy tool.

By Leo Morpain
Leo Morpain

September 15, 2021

TextExpander lacks accuracy. It sometimes has grammatical errors.