Top 10 Hiring Software Reviews for 2021

John Miller October 11, 2021

A decade ago, the recruitment process was time-consuming and difficult for the hiring department. The entire approach proved to be complex and untidy due to heaps of data and spreadsheets. Thankfully, times have changed, and technological advancements have made things far smarter and simpler.

Today’s recruitment tools and software have aided in the automation of hiring operations and the acquisition of the best people for businesses. When it comes to your own business, you can’t settle for anything less than the best. We’re here to assist you in locating the best hiring software available. We did some research and came up with a list of the best recruiting tools for 2021.

Here are top ten hiring software reviews in 2021 to help you choose the best for your business:

Greenhouse is a major recruitment program that is used by thousands of successful companies such as Allbirds, Slack, ClassPass, and Betterment. Conduct first-rate candidate interactions at every touch point and incorporate Diversity and Inclusion tools into your company’s recruitment process. Job advertising, hiring process tracking and candidate assessments are among Greenhouse’s most popular features.

Talview is an end-to-end recruitment and proctoring solution powered by AI. It’s built for enterprise enterprises’ large-scale hiring as well as executing a huge volume of tests, exams, and certification providers. Video interviewing, live interviews, behavioral insights, online exams, advanced coding tests, remote proctoring, and more are all included in the Talview package.

Hello Astra
Hello Astra is a powerful yet simple-to-use recruitment tool. Everything is structured, adaptable, and in one location, from sourcing through search, selection, and processing candidates to employment requests and on boarding. Hello Astra quickly identifies the most outstanding talents by scanning candidate profiles for the relevant job skills. You may also get fast reports on your rivals, the most popular criteria, benefits, and more with Hello Astra!

Over 7,000 growing businesses use JazzHR’s powerful, user-friendly, and cheap ATS and recruiting software to discover their next great hire. JazzHR is an intuitive applicant tracking system that enables recruiters and hiring managers develop a scalable recruitment process that sources more qualified candidates, faster, by replacing manual hiring methods such as email and spreadsheets with an intuitive ATS.

The software for employer branding and recruitment, whose current approach to attracting, developing, and hiring elite is personnel. Focusing on what matters most – your candidates – will help you grow faster. Designed to assist recruiters and HR managers in tracking job applications, this tool will help you build your employer brand while also revolutionizing your recruitment process.

CEIPAL is the most popular applicant tracking system (ATS) for IT and engineering employment organizations. Through integrated productivity tools, you can manage job requisitions and listings, use AI to find the best possible candidates, and conduct interviews. Once you’ve found your ideal candidate, digitally onboard them and generate detailed placement and performance data.

TestGorilla is a human resource (HR) management software that helps companies improve their hiring procedures by administering pre-employment tests to potential employees. Professionals can tailor exams by including the applicant’s name and job title, and they will automatically receive test suggestions.

ZipRecruiter reviews stand out among the others. For whatever size organization, in any area, the software provides the smartest way to hire. We instantly post your job to 100+ job boards with only one click. Then, with the help of cutting-edge matching technology, we identify persons with the necessary experience and ask them to apply. Four out of five businesses who post a position on ZipRecruiter receive a qualified candidate within the first day.

SmartRecruiters is a web-based hiring platform that is focused on the end user. The system is appropriate for businesses with more than 50 employees in practically any industry, and because it is browser-based, it works on all platforms, including Macs, PCs, iPhones, and Android. This platform offers a one-stop shop for all hiring needs, with applications for candidate monitoring and sourcing.

Oorwin, a SaaS platform established in San Francisco, provides a fully integrated ATS, CRM, and HRMS platform for staffing and consulting organizations to increase productivity and growth. Our innovative platform connects and simplifies operations across different teams and countries, disrupting standard hiring, sales, and customer experience methods with its ease of use and simplicity.

That was our top 10 hiring software reviews in detail. Isn’t it a little less perplexing now? However, you must still select the best tool for your company. Here’s what you can do about it. Compare the features of the following recruitment tools to your company’s aims. Find the ideal tool to hire the best people!