Essential Social Media Marketing Trends to Know in 2022

Emily Brown November 23, 2021

So, here are the top social media marketing trends that you should look out for in the future while managing your social media marketing trends.

1. Go for Live Streams: The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way organizations and businesses operate. Instead of face-to-face meetings, people now prefer zoom meetings, and live concerts turned to live streams. Resultantly, live streaming platforms have gained popularity, and even the existing platforms like Facebook and Instagram have witnessed unprecedented growth in their live streaming viewership.

2. Short Videos and Stories are the Future: Did you know, according to a study conducted by SocialInsider, short videos, reels, or stories have a 5.65% higher tap-forward rate than longer videos. If you are looking to educate a targeted audience on social media platforms, short videos or stories on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter should be ideal. Moreover, the use of stories and short videos will continue to increase as they continue to outperform photos and movies.

3. The Rising Demand for Virtual Reality: Amidst frequent lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions, people widely invest in virtual reality products to seek more meaningful interactions over the internet. VR and artificial intelligence augmentation are set to take all the organizations with force in 2022, and the business world is no exception. Thus, interacting with customers and potential customers with VR can be a game-changer for you.

4. Online Shopping Will Continue to Grow: With the evolving social media trends and constantly adapting digital marketing trends, social commerce has seen a sharp increase in tools and software that support quick and easy shopping. For example, over time, the payment gateway tools and features have increased in number for effortless payment checkout.

5. Inclusivity is the Key: An Accenture report stated that about 29% of all shoppers would change a brand that is committed to diversity and inclusivity. People are aware of the diverse options, leading them to go after companies with a passion for communities and social issues. By making sure that your business is ready to act on the inclusivity of social issues, the business can build goodwill & reputation and ultimately observe higher revenues.

Bottom Line
Businesses that tend to survive in the long run must manage and focus on their social media marketing campaigns. In today’s time, social media marketing can be the x-factor for increased profits and revenues. Businesses must adhere to the above-written marketing trends, to stay ahead of their competitors.

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