Front is another popular communication and collaboration tool, for creating instant communities around your projects and your ideas. For a fast messaging service such as slack, it's very difficult to create rich discussions around documents but in Front you can easily do that.
  • ‘Assigned to me’ and ‘tag feature’ is very helpful
  • Multipurpose functions
  • Great Interface
  • Enables collaboration
  • It is not very intuitive
  • Poor Menu Setup
  • Not integrated with e-mail
Ever since I and my team have started using Front, it has become quite simpler for us to coordinate especially while working from home. We face trouble only when we have to share email for reference, but otherwise, it is fun!


By Landon Morgan
Landon Morgan

September 15, 2023

Front is a game-changer! The automation and integration options are fantastic, allowing us to create efficient workflows. We couldn’t be happier with it.

By Erica Will
Erica Will

November 12, 2021

Front allows you to see multiple inboxes, especially if you are working on multiple teams that require you to tend to multiple inboxes. It’s a great feature. I also enjoy the lack of crashes or anything like that. I have never been typing an email, and Front just randomly crashed, and that is a significant win. I enjoy the simplicity once you understand what you’re doing.

By Gareth Johnson
Gareth Johnson

September 21, 2021

Amazing app, allows me to work remotely.

By Brian Baskins
Brian Baskins

September 14, 2021

Very complex to understand for beginners.

By Sarah Quint
Sarah Quint

September 08, 2021

Much better than Skype, really enjoying it.

By Bradley Wilde
Bradley Wilde

September 03, 2021

How do I invite people into the conversation? Also, the app keeps shutting down on its own.