This is an open-source alternative to Slack, where you can create as many channels, users, and messages as you want. It is also very useful for managing teams around the world because it supports multiple languages.
  • Quick Conversations
  • You can set certain notifications of priority
  • Enables you to shift from mobile to web version very smoothly
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Suits small businesses only
  • Installing the software is difficult
  • Difficult to search for a conversation
  • Slow Processing
Mattermost is very simple and easy to use. It only fits small businesses because when more members are added to the meeting, the software goes through technical lags.


By Alan Flock
Alan Flock

January 28, 2022

Mattermost is the most effective option on the market to establish an incredible pace of collaboration through communication and users’ interest in serving each other. The program has a pleasant price and many means of payment. Plus, it integrates well, and I can configure it very quickly.

By Igor Arsenault
Igor Arsenault

December 29, 2021

Mattermost makes it easy to discuss a topic with a colleague who needs a quick response than an email. The software is straightforward to install and maintain and easy to integrate. Data is connected via channels and tags to be easily plugged into existing tools, and I like the fact that it can be integrated with many systems, including SSOs.

By Marnus Levi
Marnus Levi

September 20, 2021

Mattermost communication software facilitates effortless communication amongst employees and clients, and also enables them to hold video conferences, meetings, and much more. It also allows streamlined transfer of files and instant messaging.

By Benjamin Tyler
Benjamin Tyler

September 18, 2021

Below par software.

By Tom Welkins
Tom Welkins

September 12, 2021

Sometimes I get messages very late despite proper internet connection.

By Anna Shutters
Anna Shutters

September 03, 2021

The web and mobile version conversations sync in real-time.