Greenhouse is a popular applicant tracking system (ATS) that is used by thousands of companies in a number of different countries with hundred of different users. Greenhouse is unarguably the top choice for companies looking to streamline their recruiting process.
  • It has a built-in CRM and job posting on site capabilities
  • It allows users to post jobs to sites like Indeed and Simply Hired as well as their own company website
  • It offers the ability to upload candidates resumes, notes & tags for later use, and create candidate pools
  • It has a lot of features, which sometimes confuses new users
  • It is more expensive than other alternatives with some similar features
Greenhouse makes it easy to post jobs and search resumes, while helping you manage the entire process from start to finish. Greenhouse’s user friendly interface allows your company to execute a successful hiring campaign.


By Sidney Grofer
Sidney Grofer

February 18, 2022

This is my second organization that uses Greenhouse hiring software, and I enjoy working on it. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate. I like the privacy settings that enable the hiring team to view specific candidates. Greenhouse executives are constantly adding new features, which is excellent.

By Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin

January 25, 2022

Greenhouse is a very user-friendly platform with a lot of various functionalities. It continues to add new features in order to provide an ideal hiring experience for both internal recruiters and prospects. I’m grateful for all of Greenhouse’s integrations, as well as their help materials and our Customer Success support so far!

By Burt Landon
Burt Landon

January 13, 2022

We can track candidates better, see updates, and coordinate with hiring managers, interviewers, and recruiters better with Greenhouse hiring software. Though, some of the new features of Greenhouse are not as helpful as I was expecting them to be. It also has a changed CS model, which has scaled back quite a lot.

By Haley Green
Haley Green

January 10, 2022

I have been using Greenhouse for about three years and it’s by far the most user-friendly ATS I’ve encountered. Our Recruitment Teams, as well as our hiring managers and interviewers, are now able to onboard fast. Our teams can also use the extensive reporting tools to evaluate data and enhance operations as needed.

By Juley Schmidt
Juley Schmidt

December 20, 2021

We used greenhouse at one of my last positions to help with the applicant tracking and the process for every candidate. I liked the ease of collaboration with teammates using the same software. I like having the ability with the analytics license to connect directly to the database and query it to get more information.

By Matt Singers
Matt Singers

October 28, 2021

The customer support I receive from our Greenhouse team: they are so on the ball with helping us do the things we want to do. The Hiring software has been very helpful in attracting the right kind of human resource that I needed in my firm, and in very little time.

By Jake Peralta
Jake Peralta

September 18, 2021

Apart from time and efforts to learn a new software, greenhouse is a pretty competitive Hiring Software. Once you get used to its user interface, it is very easy to use and navigate!

By Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper

September 12, 2021

Greenhouse has made our life easier to manage the candidates we hire as well as recruiting efforts. The interface is clean, easy to use and intuitive.

By Kenneth Clapp
Kenneth Clapp

September 08, 2021

We are now able to post jobs directly from Greenhouse and also rank our applicants based on their resumes and communication skills. It’s a great tool and I highly recommend it.

By Chris Fries
John Cox

September 01, 2021

Thanks to the export features, I can now easily communicate with my candidates and move them through the interview process.