SmartRecruiters simplifies the recruiting process allowing you to focus on what matters most, hiring the right candidate. Actively looking for top talent is a full time job. SmartRecruiters helps hiring managers search through thousands of resumes and manage candidates with ease.
  • It supports multiple candidate types
  • It provides a centralized system for tracking and managing all your applicants in one place so hiring managers can focus on the candidates that matter most
  • Mobile optimized for access anywhere from any device and also offers offline support
  • It is a little more expensive than other products of its class
  • Not the best experience for newbies
SmartRecruiters helps hiring managers search through thousands of resumes and manage candidates with ease making it easy to find, track, rank and hire the best talent in your industry.


By Zach Hill
Zach Hill

February 01, 2022

SmartRecruiters is a world-class hiring software. I use it to reach out, engage, and connect with talented and skilled employees that can contribute value to my firm. Just last week, I hired a bookkeeper with this software, I am very pleased with SmartRecruiter’s abilities.

By Alex Donaldson
Alex Donaldson

January 18, 2022

SmartRecruiters is a great software for HR managers to bring in skilled and useful resources into the organization without much difficulty. Its sourcing analytics, field recruiting app, referral platform, and 3rd party integrations are worth using. However, it still lacks the capability of hiring high volume of employees at the same time.

By Arron Lively
Arron Lively

October 21, 2021

Like the title suggests, SmartRecruiters is a smart and modern way of recruiting potential talent in the company. I can create job alerts and add details to gather information in one, unified place at my convenience. It also enables HR to add candidate profiles and keep track of their progress as a team.

By Joe Green
Joe Green

September 22, 2021

It’s intuitive interface allows for quick and efficient searches from one dashboard, while also providing the data I need to make smart hiring decisions.

By Phillips Matthews
Phillips Matthews

September 18, 2021

We’ve been able to reduce our time to hire from weeks down to a few hours. It has changed everything about the way we recruit and Hire Engineers.

By Chris Fries
Chris Fries

September 11, 2021

I love how easy it is for me to manage my candidates. I can quickly see who is interested and make changes on the fly.