JazzHR is a complete web based hiring solution that brings together a number of different tools and technologies to automate the entire recruitment process. JazzHR offers you the ability to recruit faster, smarter and easier than ever before.
  • Solves the common problem of constant communication and data sharing
  • Showcase your job vacancies to a wider audience with just one click
  • Cost effective
  • The system is better suited for those who are hiring in larger volumes
  • It does not include any language translation feature and as such might prove to be a deterrent for most users
  • In case of technical issues, support service is slow
JazzHR is a complete hiring solution designed to automate the entire recruitment process. JazzHR offers you the ability to recruit faster, smarter and easier than ever before.


By Robert Downey
Robert Downey

September 22, 2023

JazzHR streamlines the hiring process from start to finish. It’s user-friendly, and the candidate assessment tools are impressive. It has saved us time and helped us find top talent.

By Richard Maxwell
Richard Maxwell

December 27, 2021

JazzHR makes recruiting easier! It’s very intuitive and easy for the user to learn initially. Any time-consuming tasks that you may have had to do with previous applicant tracking systems are eliminated by using Jazz. You can customize the system fairly easily by creating your workflows, email messaging, etc. It also merges profiles if candidates apply to more than one role so you can see what they have been considered for previously.

By Joan Carrera
Joan Carrera

November 11, 2021

Really love JazzHR’s UI, all the call to action, workflows are super easy to navigate. Assigning users across your teams is easy and you’re able to limit access for interviewers, Hiring Managers, etc. Wish the evaluation forms (Feedback forms) weren’t weighted mandatory.

By Adam Gilchrist
Adam Gilchrist

October 05, 2021

JazzHR customer support is brilliant and the Hiring Software can assist you in finding the best human resources out there. It is a pretty decent performing software with easy-to-use interface.

By Carla Twain
Carla Twain

September 20, 2021

JazzHR has given us the ability to scale our recruiting process and we’ve been able to see the results in a very short time. JazzHR has also given us the ability to hire talent from around the country with one job announcement.

By Chris Haddon
Chris Haddon

September 18, 2021

Jazjer gives me more control over my hiring process by eliminating the mundane tasks. They have helped us hire dozens of employees quickly and accurately.

By David Kane
David Kane

September 09, 2021

JazzHR makes our hiring process fast, efficient, and easy to use during the day-to-day activities of running a business. The system allows us to manage more candidates in less time saving money and improving quality.