LiquidPlanner is a smart resource management software application that helps you work through your projects. This software can help you improve collaboration and communication with your team members easily and effortlessly.
  • Protective
  • Resource-based Scheduling
  • Allows focus on right work
  • UI
  • Timeline Tracking
  • Time Consuming
  • Needs input of every single task
  • External Consultant
  • Cumbersome LP
  • Messy
The platform us in tracking all of our plans and helps us to draw up detailed plans and analyze all our assets; solving every issue. For further market growth activities, I would advise that the Liquid planer scheme offers some transparency.


By Sansa White
Sansa White

September 23, 2021

Working with several tasks concurrently is a challenge that becomes very difficult.

By Adam Stark
Adam Stark

September 18, 2021

They have shortcomings in their power to assign responsibilities for the implementation of regulatory requirements.