Rydoo allows you to manage employee expenses, tasks and projects. This type of organization is essential for all types of companies, especially when it comes to managing employees who are working on projects at different locations.
  • Easy to manage multiple projects
  • Manage employee expenses and tasks in one place
  • Needs more sections for different types of project management software (i.e. time management, customer relationship management)
Rydoo is the best team organization software because it’s simple and intuitive. It’s perfect for a small company that needs to keep track of their employees’ tasks remotely.


By Angels Bud
Angels Bud

March 04, 2022

A fantastic tool for keeping track of staff costs. It provides me with a simple dashboard interface via which I can keep track of all of my teams’ various expenses, such as payouts, insurance, and taxes. It’s the ideal answer for any accountant or service organization in need of a cost-effective bookkeeping solution.

By Regis Rooney
Regis Rooney

February 09, 2022

Rydoo makes it very easy to scan receipts & invoices, and the app almost constantly pulls the correct data from the scan. The App loads quickly and seamlessly. The customer support team is also great

By Christopher Timmins
Christopher Timmins

December 03, 2021

I use Rydoo team organization software tools to organize my remote and local staff, as after the pandemic we are working in a hybrid-team culture. It also helps me keep track of invoices and expense reports by different departments.

By Justin Langer
Justin Langer

November 08, 2021

Rydoo is an easy to use Team organizing software! Also as an administrator, you don’t need trainings of days and short introduction call is enough. Rydoo supported us from the beginning in the setup of our new expense tool. They made sure that we could start using the tool in time.

By Dublin Cooke
Dublin Cooke

October 21, 2021

Rydoo has simplified the way how my team works, I can now easily manage and organize my team. Ever since we have started using Rydoo, our performances and productivity ratios have significantly improved.

By Jason Smith
Jason Smith

September 22, 2021

I’ve been looking for a good project management software, and I found that Rydoo was exactly what I needed. The program is extremely easy to use, so practically anyone in the company can use it.

By Liz Wisely
Liz Wisely

September 14, 2021

Rydoo wasn’t terrible, but it didn’t work well with my team’s workflow. We needed a team management software that could be customized to our specific needs, and Rydoo just couldn’t do it for us.

By Anna Drew
Anna Drew

September 06, 2021

I didn’t like how Rydoo was set up with these roles, so I decided to try out another project management software instead of continuing on my quest.